Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

In operation since 1988, the committee meets monthly to discuss, develop and coordinate with local government agencies, private industry and the public, emergency plans specific in hazardous materials manufactured, stored, used or transported in the parish. All major industries in St. John Parish are represented on this committee.

The Chemical Manufacturers Association has presented the St. John committee the CAER Achievement Award in recognition of the highly successful development and implementation of a CAER program in St. John Parish

Pipeline Safety

Members of the St. John Local Emergency Preparedness Committee supported this year’s “Pipeline Safety” outreach to area schools.  LEPC presented videos and gave Pipeline Safety hand outs to students at all St. John the Baptist Parish Schools.  (All but 3 have been completed.) 

Students Kindergarten through 4th Grades saw an entertaining pirate video featuring “8-1-1 Call Before You Dig!” and learned about the variety of utility pipelines that run underground and in their yards.    Students 5th to 12th Grades  saw a more detailed video about pipeline safety.  In addition to 8-1-1, they learned how to identify pipeline markers, what products are carried via pipeline, how to recognize a problem and what to do in the case of a pipeline emergency.  All students received a four page hand out and were asked to share it with their parents.