2010 Parish President’s Advisory Committees


Geri Broussard Baloney- Chair
Angelic Sutherland
DA Tom Daley
Dr. Henry Hardy
Felton Collins
Bruno Burrell
Jeff Perilloux
Councilman Haston Lewis, Sr.

Charles Duhon- Chair
Paul Oncale
Tommy St. Martin
Major Sam Moody
Wondell Wesley
Shane Bailey
Councilman Danny Millet
Councilwoman Darnel C. Usry

Sean Roussel- Chair
Julia Remondet
Leroy Mitchell
Charles Kennedy
Dan Packer
OJ Breech
Chassity McComack
Nelson Guidry
Angie Washington

Peggy Joseph - Chair
Mike Henderson
Abril Sutherland
Gala Holden
Michael St. Martin
Joey Scontrino
Pastor Neil Bernard
Josie Clement
Mary Duhe
Daryl Schloz

Keith Gillies- Chair
Pat McTopy
Brenda Labat
Vince Lucia
Jean Stewart
James Wagner
Brock Anderson
Karen Durand
Councilwoman Cheryl Millet

Taleta Wesley- Chair
Stacey Cador
Mattie Hardy
Tracy Byrd
Diane Mitchell
Lanard J. Robinet
Councilman Richard Dale Wolfe

Virgil Rayneri- Chair
Clifford Bailey
Arnold Labat
Darin Helm
Roland Weber
Warner Sylvain
Kernell Goudia
Michael Carter
Councilwoman Jaclyn Hotard

Lucien Gauff- Chair
Errol Manuel
Eloise Joseph
Lou Johnson
Larry Snyder
Dean Torres
Danny Rome
Grant Walker
Antoine Jasmine
Iona Holloway
Lisa Crinel
Edward Morris, Sr.
Timmy Byrd
Patrick Millet
William Magee
Councilman Ronnie Smith


PAC Document


The mission and vision of St. John the Baptist Parish is to effectively and efficiently serve the citizens of its community in a manner that ensures transparency, ethical business practices, economic development and a thriving and healthy community. To fulfill this mission and meet the needs of our citizens, this administration must establish a strategic plan that incorporates performance based objectives and ensures that operational excellence is established during the achievement of these goals. This strategic plan will outline the priorities for accomplishing this mission over a five year period.

Parish President Natalie Robottom has appointed members to her advisory committees to conduct a comprehensive review of parish functions to ensure that all public and taxpayer funds are used in the most effective and efficient manner. The advisory panel will work over the next 60 days to analyze the work of their respective committees, compile its recommendations and deliver a written report on August 16, 2010. To achieve this goal, she is enlisting the support of the council, businesses, constituents, community, labor, civic and faith leaders to support the parish during the transition process.



President Robottom has recruited a diverse team of citizens, civic leaders, employees, and parish leaders to assist her administration with defining the direction of the parish and to provide recommendations that will be utilized to establish the strategic direction of the agency. The President’s Advisory Panel will consist of the following:

Chief Administrative Officer, Marie Brown-Mercadel, will chair the Advisory Panel and provide oversight to the committees to ensure that their work is conducted in a manner satisfactory to the Parish President.

Special Assistant to Parish President, Angelic Sutherland, will provide legal and administrative oversight to the committees while serving as Co-Chair of the Governmental Ethics Reform Committee.



  1. Governmental Ethics Reform-Geri Broussard Baloney

    Attorney Geri Broussard Baloney is a resident of Garyville, Louisiana where she founded the largest female, minority owned and operated firm in this Region. Her firm employs eight attorneys. She has extensive experience in governmental affairs, complex litigation and contracts. Broussard Baloney is an honor graduate of both Southern University at New Orleans with a BA in political science and Loyola University School of Law where she received a Juris Doctorate and Certificate in International Law. Her government experience includes working as a legislative aide to the New Orleans City Council and as Administrator of the City's Board of Zoning Adjustment. She is formerly a U.S. General Service Administration Contractor.
  2. Public Safety-Charles Duhon

    Charles Duhon, a lifelong resident of St. John Parish, retired from Shell/Motiva after serving 38 years as the Health and Safety Manager-of Field Operations. Mr. Duhon received numerous awards for his contributions to the improvement of the Corporate Emergency Management Systems as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Programs. Duhon is a former St John School Board member (1974-1984).
  3. Employment & Economic Development-Sean Roussel

    Sean Roussel is currently a Regional Sales Manager for Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, LLC. Roussel served as the District 5 council member from 2004-2007, serving as Chairman in 2005. Roussel also served on St. John Parish’s Economic Development Committee from 1995-2003. He is also a former member of the LaPlace Lions club. Roussel is a lifelong resident of St. John Parish, he and his wife, Mona Faucheux Roussel, have one son, Nicholas.
  4. Community Development & Neighborhoods-Peggy Joseph

    Peggy Joseph earned her degree in Business Management from Meadow-Draughon College in 1976. She is the former Program Director of a federal program that provided teaching and education regarding the “8 Habits to a Successful Marriage”. She also received certification in counseling and as a marriage facilitator. She is a local business owner that serves as Minister of Music in her church. She is married to Aaron Joseph and has three children, Niya Tassin-Bernard, Bernard Tassin, III and Brent Tassin.
  5. Recreation/ Health & Human Services- Lucien Gauff III

    Lucien Gauff III has been employed as a Chemical Operator for DuPont for over 19 years. He is currently a member of the St. John Recreation Advisory Board, St. John Community Advisory Panel, Near Neighbor Organization, St. John Rotary, and the St. John Fire Department Civil Service Board. Lucien lives in LaPlace with his wife, Nghana, and two daughters, Ciel and Cydney.
  6. Infrastructure & Capital Improvements- Virgil Rayneri

    Virgil Rayneri earned a B.S. in Engineering Science (Civil/Mechanical Engineering) from the University of New Orleans. He was employed for over 16 years at several DuPont plants and has previously served as the Public Works director for St. John Parish. He has extensive knowledge on the subjects of environmental safety, cost reduction, process simplification, and capacity. Virgil and his wife, Maria, reside in LaPlace and have two children.
  7. Human Resources-Teleta Wesley

    Taleta Wesley is a Political Science and Public Administration graduate of Grambling State University. She also received a Master of Public Administration and a Juris Doctor from Southern University. After Hurricane Katrina, Ms. Wesley worked with a non-profit organization that assisted government funded programs in tracking services provided to New Orleans’ homeless population. Since then, she has provided companies in Texas and Louisiana that averaged more than 600 employees with outstanding human management services.
  8. Finance- Keith Gillies

    Keith Gillies is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Financial Consultant, (ChFC) specializing in financial consulting. He is an honor graduate with an MBA from Tulane University and a BA from the University of New Orleans. Keith is a past-president of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) of Greater New Orleans (Member of the Year, 1998) and of NAIFA-Louisiana (2003 President’s Award Recipient and 2007 Arthur Abramson Member of the Year Award). He currently serves as one of ten NAIFA-National Trustees. Keith is a leading representative of both UNIFI and Ameritas Investment Corp., where he serves as the Chair of the Field Advisory Cabinet. Keith is very active in his community, serving and volunteering on many civic and religious boards, including the St. John the Baptist Parish Planning and Zoning Commission for twenty years. Keith has resided in LaPlace for thirty years. He and his wife Cynthia have five children.



The Advisory Panel members will serve on committees in eight key areas: Governmental Ethics Reform; Public Safety; Employment and Economic Development; Community Development and Neighborhoods; Recreation, Arts, & Culture/Health and Human Services; Infrastructure and Capital Improvements; Human Resources; and Finance. The primary purpose of these committees is to develop goals and objectives that will guide the formulation of a strategic plan and result in an improvement of parish operations for the benefit of residents, employees and community partners.

Each department will conduct an organizational analysis to guide the work of the committees and assist in the development of key strategic initiatives. This analysis will define the priorities of the Parish, focus on existing efforts and identify opportunities for expansion and growth through resource development efforts, interagency collaboration and community based partnerships. This identification of initiatives will provide the framework for the prioritization and operational direction of specific programs.

Governmental Ethics/Reform: It is the duty of the Parish Government to serve the best interest of their residents. The Governmental Ethics/Reform Committee will review St. John Parish’s current ethics’ rules and subsequently revise or develop new strategies to guarantee transparency. Accordingly, this committee will review best practices of other parishes and design ethical procedures consistent with state policies to ensure transparency and good government. The committee will review all parish departments to ensure transparency in operational practices.

Public Safety: The primary role of the Parish is to provide for the safety and security of its citizens. Accordingly, the Parish has developed an overall, comprehensive, all-hazard emergency operations plan and is responsible for its implementation when necessary. In addition, as an essential component of public safety, it is necessary that the Parish’s Fire Department operates effectively and in the best interest of our residents. The Public Safety Committee will review the emergency operations plan and make recommendations for necessary updates, as well as review the Fire Department’s current structure and make recommendations for improving the partnership between the career and volunteer firefighters. The committee will develop new strategies to strengthen and maintain core services in the face of declining revenues and rising costs. The committee will review the following departments: Public Safety, Fire Department, and Emergency Preparedness.

Economic Development and Employment: Parish government must play an important role in retaining current jobs and creating new jobs through open and transparent regulatory practices and incentives. The Economic Development and Employment Committee will recommend ways to attract capital investment, development and new job opportunities for all citizens while recognizing the resources of the parish. The committee will review the following departments: Economic Development.

Community Development and Neighborhoods: St. John’s long-term success requires revitalization of neighborhoods and active community engagement. The Community Development and Neighborhoods Committee will identify best practices and establish key recommendations that foster stronger neighborhoods. The committee will focus on the involvement of citizens, civic leaders, and parish agencies in evaluating and developing strategic partnerships, a more responsive government, and the efficient delivery of public services. In addition, the committee will evaluate the parish’s land use plan for recommendations on ascertaining public input and subsequent implementation. The committee will review the following departments: Planning and Zoning.

Health and Human Services/Recreation, Arts, and Culture: In order to ensure the well being of its citizens, parish government must provide effective resources for ensuring the health and social needs of the community are being addressed and the citizens have an opportunity to live in an environment that promotes quality of life issues. The committee will conduct a review of existing services and recommend new strategies that promote a diverse range of activities that promote cultural enrichment and healthy lifestyles. The committee will review the following departments: Parks and Recreation, Health and Human Services.

Finance: The Finance Committee will recommend a model financial system that covers policies and practices in revenues, expenditures, accounting, technology, interoperability, and other critical areas and develop recommendations for reform with action steps, benchmarks, and metrics. The committee will review the procurement and monitoring processes of other parishes’ and recommend procedures for ensuring that all contracts are monitored for compliance with the statement of work. Furthermore, the committee will provide recommendations for a complete revamping of the procurement process. The committee will review the following departments: Finance, Purchasing and Procurement.

Human Resources: As Parish government is responsible for providing safety and security to its citizens and for critically necessary services, it is imperative that the Parish‘s employees are well trained and qualified to serve the Parish. The Human Resources Committee, considering the Civil Services guidelines that govern majority of our employees, will focus on ways to ensure the selection of high caliber employees and conformance to various regulations of personnel and management practices. The committee will review current policies, hiring and retention, the performance evaluation process, and the organizational structure. The committee will review the following departments: Human Resources, Civil Service.

Infrastructure/Capital Improvements: Parish government is responsible for critically important services, including road repair, drainage, infrastructure maintenance, as well as maintenance of our water and sewer systems. The Infrastructure/Capital Improvements Committee will develop new strategies to strengthen and maintain core parish services in the face of declining revenues and rising costs. The committee will review the following departments: Public Works, Utilities, Code Enforcement.

All committees will look for opportunities to develop common processes and examine the feasibility of functional threading across the organization. This is an integral component of the strategic planning process as many critical functions cross departmental lines. Coordination is critical to perform these common functions efficiently and consistently. This includes budgeting, purchasing and procurement, human resources, customer service and certain program operations. This process shall ensure collaboration throughout the department will be designed to promote shared goals, problem resolution, and an exchange of information and the development of common processes.



Chief Administrative Officer will:

  • Establish procedures and guidelines for each committee and make all final decisions regarding procedure; define the goals and outcome expectations for each committee; and develop a framework for the Panel’s final report
  • Chair the Advisory Panel and provide oversight to the committees to ensure that their work is conducted in a manner satisfactory to the Parish President
  • Serve as liaison between the committee chairs
  • Resolve disputes and conflicts as they arise

Special Assistant to Parish President will:

  • Assist the CAO in establishing procedures and guidelines for each committee and defining their goals and outcome expectations
  • Provide legal and administrative oversight to the Advisory Panel and each committee
  • Rotate attendance at the various committee meetings
  • Assistant in monitoring the procedures of the committees
  • Assure that all timelines are followed
  • Review draft reports and correspondence from committees

Advisory Panel will:

  • Consist of the Chairs of each of the Advisory Committees
  • Consolidate the committee reports and recommendations into a comprehensive report to be presented to the President within the timeline specified (60 days).

Committee Chairs will:

  • Serve on the Advisory Panel
  • Formulate the reports from their respective committees
  • Collaborate with the CAO and SA to ensure the timeline is met

Committee Members will:

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis focusing on the Parish’s current operations
  • Conduct an environmental scan of the department to determine operational needs
  • Develop strategic recommendations that will guide the formulation of a strategic plan and result in an improvement of parish operations for the benefit of residents, employees and community partners
  • Develop a five-year financial forecast evaluating the necessary resources as well as funding sources needed to implement the strategic plan.
  • Deliver a written report to the President by the date specified



  1. The chairperson is responsible for conducting meetings and ensuring that the timelines established by the President are met.
  2. The chairperson shall organize each committee meeting through an agenda, which shall be distributed 48 hours in advance of the meeting.
  3. Committee members shall select a secretary to keep the minutes, a record of the discussion and decisions of the meeting.
  4. A copy of the minutes of the most recent meeting shall be provided to committee members before the next meeting.
  5. Committee members shall develop a meeting schedule at their first meeting which includes weekly meetings.
  6. Each member of the committee is a representative of the Parish President and shall actively participate in the meetings, provide appropriate input and commit to completing the projects assigned by the Chair’s as indicated.