Nelson Pre & Post Construction Photos

Mr. Nelson’s home exhibited damage to the front porch, finished flooring, plywood subflooring and drywall ceilings throughout.  At the front porch, the decking was dislodged from the main structure.  On the interior of the home, there were several soft spots where the subflooring damage was noticeable.  In areas such as the living room, den and kitchen, the weakened subflooring caused damage to the finished flooring.  Evidenced during the inspection, Mr. Nelson attempted temporary repairs; however, those repairs were inadequate to address the issues stated.  The scope of work for this property included removal and replacement of the existing finished and subflooring, leveling the structure to receive the new flooring, kitchen cabinets and countertops, drywall ceiling replacement and installation of a new deck with wood handrails and balustrade.  Pre-construction photos of the property’s condition are shown on the left; post-construction are shown on the right.