St John Parish Press Releases

Winter Weather Update #7

January 18, 2018

Residents are urged to stop water usage through the evening and night. - READ



WATER OUTAGE/BOIL WATER PARISHWIDE: Due to the excessive amount of leaks, and running faucets, as well as conservation measures not being successful, the Parish is experiencing little to no water pressure. The systems are over capacity and are unable to sustain system pressure due to excessive use.  Please continue to stop using water so that our systems can catch up. When water is restored, please boil water for one minute before eating or drinking. Showering and bathing is not affected. You will be notified when the Boil Water Advisory is lifted.

Stop Water Usage Parishwide - Boil Water

Good evening. This is a message from St. John Parish. Along with New Orleans and multiple other jurisdictions, St. John is currently experiencing low water pressure Parishwide and is expected to continue experiencing low water pressure through tomorrow as Utilities systems struggle to catch up. Crews have responded to more than 200 work orders for leaks in a 30 hour period and this, coupled with excessive use is straining the system. Residents are advised to PLEASE. PLEASE. stop water usage and continue with conserving water through the night to give our systems a chance to catch up and build capacity. We are working tirelessly to identify leaks and repair them as we receive notification however we need residents to assist with using as little water as possible. It does help greatly when residents stop using water if they don't have to. Thank you for your patience.  

Road Construction

All roads are now open.