St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Contracts Awarded During Finance Committee Meeting

Contracts Awarded During Finance Committee Meeting

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

St. John the Baptist Parish – At the recent Council Meeting, the Parish council approved contracts for videography services and design and construction of grant- and bond-funded infrastructure projects. 

Global Media South, LLC of LaPlace was awarded the contract for videography services for council meetings. The three year contract requires video and broadcasting of all regular and special council meetings in St. John the Baptist Parish.  Global Media South, LLC will also assist with the broadcasting of large events and short videos for the government access channel.

To finalize the design and manage construction of a self-contained safe room, a professional services agreement was awarded to Sizeler, Thompson, Brown Architects to complete Phase II of this project.  The contract is in the amount of $51,987.74 and it is for the basic shell of the project.  The project is partially funded by a Hazard Mitigation Grant, with a 25% match various parish budgets.  The projected construction cost for Phase II is $1,299.146.00.

A second contract was awarded to Sizeler for the interior of the building which will be funded solely by the Parish through the 2009 and 2015 Bond Issues.  This room will provide a secure location to support recovery operations and house Parish employees, critical staff and emergency responders during and immediately following an emergency event. The 4,000 square foot facility will complement the existing Emergency Operations Center. “It is imperative that the Parish invest in a secure location for staff and emergency personnel as seevere weather events appear to be increasing in intensity and frequency,” said Robottom. “We are heavily dependent on this group of individuals, so their safety during an event is critical to their ability to respond.  We are grateful for the grant, as these types of projects cannot be built with the burden lying solely on local government.”

The Council also approved a contract with Shread-Kurykendall & Associates, Inc. to increase the scope of work for the Vicknair Canal Drainage Project. This contract totaling, $164,105, is for work required to complete an application to the Statewide Flood Control Program for funds up to 90% of the construction cost of this project. Completion of a Limited Topo Survey and Hydraulic and Hydrology (H&H) study are required for the grant. Additional permitting, surveying and geotechnical work which exceeds the amount budgeted in the original contract is also needed. Both contracts for this project are funded through the 2014 Bond Issue.

In other news, Parish President Robottom proclaimed March as Gambling Prevention Month, American Red Cross month, and National Developmental Disability Month. More information on these proclamations can be found at