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Beautiful Weather highlights Robottom's last Andouille Festival

Beautiful Weather highlights Robottom's last Andouille Festival

By: Brooke Robichaux
October 23, 2019

LAPLACE - In the days leading up to the 46th annual Andouille Festival, it looked like a wave of severe weather might put a damper on the community celebration.

Thankfully, the wind blew the rain clouds away, and beautiful weather welcomed large crowds to enjoy food, live music, crafits, carnival games and family entertainment at the three day festival. 

It was especially sentimental for outgoing Parish President Natalie Robottom who has spent the past decade meticulously planning and improving the Andouille Festival. She couldn't have asked for a better event to commemorate her final year. 

"It was amazing," Robottom said. " We had several waether meetings, then the wind blew it away. It's a large relief because months of planning go into this, and we can't have it any other weekend because the bands have commitments. The crowds Friday night and Saturday during the day were unbelievable."