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Parish Projects



Intersection improvements at Belle Terre Blvd and Airline Hwy are on schedule for completion in May.

Canal cleaned along Belle Terre Blvd. and Interstate 10 by Public Works employees.

River Forest Canal and 19 others are cleaned by Three Deuces, Inc.

Inflow/Infiltration repair work continues in Reserve with point to point repairs and lining of wastewater lines.

The Reserve Relief Canal Shoreline Protection Project strengthens 1,000 feet of Lake Mauerpas shoreline.

A Juvenile Service Facility is underway as the first phase of the Edgard Courthouse Addition/Renovation Project.

Catch basins and culverts are cleaned in LaPlace Park and throughout the parish.

Drainage pumps for the Red Bud and Crevasses areas are delivered.

Diesel pumps replaced eletric pumps for lift stations damaged by  Hurricane Isaac. Permanent repairs will include submersible pumps.

Altitude valves and telemetry systems are installed in four water towers to manage tower functions and allow remote access by operators.



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