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One Water Summit Esteemed Panel Speaker


Robottom Selected to Speak on Esteemed Panel At National Summit in New Orleans:

President Robottom recently joined moderator Paul Demit, Peter Grevatt, EPA Director of the Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water and Matt Holmes , Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the National Rural Water Association as guest speakers at the One Water Summit, a nationally held conference which brings leaders from public , private, environmental and philanthropic organizations to discuss the most pressing water challenges and how water drives economic growth, environmental sustainability and opportunity. This particular session focused on different models of collaboration, coordination and partnerships that help strengthen smaller water systems. President Robottom was selected to give her perspective as an elected official over a small water system.

Projects highlighted by Robottom as examples of collaboration include the emergency water connection to St. Charles Parish, the water line under the River that connects EB and WB and the construction of a new system in Pleasure Bend.



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