Purchasing and Procurement Guide


In order to seek service providers, the parish uses four methods of procurement:  Small purchases, yearly requirement contracts, quotations and competitive sealed bids.  Each method is based on the price and size of the service or good provided.

The Purchasing and Procurement Director authorizes the purchase of goods and/or

services up to $4,999.99.  A purchase order is then issued, and the order is placed.  Vendors are not to accept any order nor begin any work without a purchase order number. St. John the Baptist Parish Purchasing and Procurement Department reviews requisitions for compliance with Title 38 of Louisiana law. 


St. John the Baptist Parish has annual contracts for various frequently used items and services.  The contracts are a result of sealed bids, meaning they are utilized on as-needed basis throughout the year.yearly

This allows the user department to order products or services directly from the awarded vendor only after the requisition is reviewed for correctness and completeness.  Should the awarded vendor be unable to provide the contract item or service as stated, the bid may be found non-responsive.


Purchases of supplies or services between $5,000 and $10,000 will require that a request for quotations be made by the user.  These may be written or by phone, provided that a written record be made of all quotes.

Purchases of supplies and services between $10,000 and $30,000 must have three written quotations on vendor’s letterhead.  If three written quotations cannot be obtained, a written explanation giving the reason must be attached to the purchase order with the department director’s signature.

Small Purchases


Competitive sealed bids are used when the cost of commodities and services is $30,000 or greater, there are clear and defined specifications available, and cost is the primary basis of award Bids are advertised for a minimum of two consecutive weeks in the
L’Observateur newspaper and online at www.centralbidding.com.  Bids are reviewed by the parish Procurement Agent.  A recommendation is then made to the user department.  The final approval for award is made by the parish council and parish president.


St. John the Baptist Parish solicits bids in three ways: mailing to vendors on the parish bidder’s list, advertising in the L’Observateur and posting on the Central Bidding website and the Parish website, www.sjbparish.com.

Mail Solicitation

Bids are mailed by St. John the Baptist Parish Purchasing and Procurement Department to vendors on the parish’s bidder’s list when they become available.  Bids are only mailed to vendors who provide a relevant commodity or service


Bids are advertised in the L’Observateur newspaper a minimum of two weeks prior to closing. 


All bids are solicited online at www.centralbidding.com. Central Bidding, founded in 2007, is one of the largest providers of electronic bidding services to public and private buying entities.


Vendors interested in participating in the bidding process may be placed on St. John the Baptist Parish bidder’s list by completing a vendor registration form available from the Purchasing and Procurement Department or online at www.sjbparish.com.

Vendors will be required to list the commodities and services which they can provide on the application. The vendor will then be placed on the bidder’s list for those commodities listed and receive notification when bids become available. 

To remain on the bidders list, vendors must maintain an acceptable status of providing goods and services in a responsible manner.

Vendors are responsible for notifying the Purchasing and Procurement Department of changes in address, phone number, commodities, etc.

A vendor may submit a bid without being on the bidder’s list; however, the vendor will not receive notification from the parish when a bid becomes available.