Coastal Zone Management Advisory Committee


Interested citizens can find a draft of the Coastal Management Plan here. Feel free to contact the Coastal Zone Administrator if you have any questions about the plan and its contents.


Coastal Zone Advisory Committee Meeting Dates for 2017

Month   Meeting Date Agenda  
January   January 4 Agenda  
February   February 1 Agenda  
March   March 1 No Meeting  
April   April 5 Agenda  
May   May 3 Agenda  
June   June 7 Agenda  
July   July 5 No Meeting  
August   August 2 No Meeting  
September   September 6 No Meeting  
October   October 4 Agenda  
November   November 1 No Meeting  
December   December 6 (Rescheduled November 30th) Agenda  
Jan 2018   January 3    


Coastal Zone Advisory Committee Members

William "Grady" Geiger

Ricky Deslatte    
Greta Duhe    
Steven Fraker    
Annrose Mary Guarino    
Danny Guidry     
Jamie LaBranche     
Catherine Schons