LaPlace Transit Station Planning

The Southern Rail Commission and regional partners are advancing plans for passenger rail service from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, with stations at select locations.  St. John the Baptist Parish is developing a Conceptual Plan for a Passenger Rail and Multi-Modal Transit Center on Main Street in LaPlace.  The goal of this project is to develop a plan for the station area that reflects the needs and desires of our community, including flexible space for a variety of uses.


The goals for the transit station area include:

·         Providing efficient access to an attractive train station,

·         Providing an emergency shelter facility as part of the station,

·         Promoting economic development in the area surrounding the station and along Main Street, and

·         Minimizing any potential impacts related to increased traffic or other service operations.


We want to know what you think. Please complete this quick survey to provide initial input on the plan. There will later be additional ways to participate online as well as a public meeting.


For more information, see also a summary of the planned service connecting Baton Rouge and New Orleans here.


Please join us in developing a plan that facilitates this advancement in regional mobility and builds on the unique character of our community.