Land Use Plan


Phase IV - St. John Comprehensive Plan: One Parish, One Future

The Comprehensive Plan, Phase 4, One Parish, One Future: the St. John the Baptist Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Planning Commission, as required by Louisiana State Law (RS 33:101-106) on September 15, 2014.  From the beginning of the project and even before Hurricane Isaac, the plan’s focus was on resilience.

There are a number of “tools” available for implementation of the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan.  

The draft code articles and updated components can be viewed below.


Zoning Revisions Presentation
St. John Parish Land Use Plan Phase II
Phase I Report - Citizen Participation & Education
Phase I Report - Development Management Evaluation
Phase II Task I Administrative Report

Phase III - Housing Data Report
Phase IV - Comprehensive Land Use Plan
SJBP Future Land Use